Code Flag set with pouch


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Product Description

Complete with roll-up storage pouch, this full set of stitched cotton code flags consists of 24 alphabet, 10 numeral, 3 substitute and 1 answering pennant. The roll looks very smart in two shades of blue (an unusual colour scheme), with a few marks here and there. Overall the presentation has good patina, old enough, but not at all musty - probably made in the sixties.

Flags are 11” hoist x 17” fly – 27.5cm x 43.5cm, numeral pennants are 11” x 35” – 27.5cm x 89cm.

NOTE: “Hoist” is short edge/height where the string is, “fly” is the longer edge/width

DO NOT WASH THIS ITEM – we never recommending washing flags; often they used vegetable dyes and a washing machine may make the colours run.