Deck Larder – c.1900-1930 or earlier


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Product Description

This heavy and very satisfying object is made from solid teak, curved to match the shape of the deck and slatted internally. Originally, it probably sat on a couple of timber battens, which would have lifted the larder a half inch or so off the deck to aid ventilation and cooling.

The smaller five ventilation holes would have faced forward, each appears to be fronted with leather, which is tacked in place with copper nails and heavily varnised.

The lid opens on one side only (port) and I could fit a new catch to replace the one that’s there, but personally I would leave it as it is.

What would you do with it? Well it would make a fine planter(!), but I would re-attach it to a motor or sailing yacht and keep those useful deck bits in it – winch handles, small rond anchors and so on.

12.75” / 32.5cm deep x 15.5” / 42.5cm wide x 9.25” / 23.5cm high

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