Pavillon d’Or badges – 1952-1953


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Product Description

Founded in 1936, the Pavillon d’Or (Golden Burgee) was a motor-yacht rally organised by the Union International Motonautique. Designed to bring motor-yachtsmen from across Europe together, the rally generally attracted larger, well-found vessels, including yacht Sundowner, whose skipper (ex. second officer Charles Lightoller of the Titanic) won the Pavillon d’Or more than once. Sundowner and her skipper went on to rescue 130 soldiers at Dunkirk.

This small set of items are from the years 1952 and 1953. Central to the collection is a large 3” (7.5cm) diameter enamelled plate from the Dusseldorf rally of 1953. This would most likely have been screwed to the bulkhead of the attending yacht. The brooch with a run of flags is probably from the same year and from the previous year are ‘his and her’ enamel badges with golden yellow ribbons, Paris 1952.

Delightful, collectable and quite probably, unrepeatable.